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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Milan Ford

Great post. Totally agree with you.
This whole bailout business is a sad thing to see.

Dtownie Detroit

I think you are going in the right action by calling the jets a symbol, in the larger scheme of how much money is being spent it's a drop in the bucket. But the media sure made a big deal out of it. And now I've heard the jets have been sold. But I also think about what had these companies done in the past few years to answer the charges brought against them. It seems they have met with labor leaders to get concessions. It seems that the quality of their fleets has gone way up and they've been winning awards. SUVs were a fad, and although it was what people wanted to buy it was shortsighted. And it seems that they've been restructuring. These big companies just more able to force the extremely rapid change needed before this crisis struck.

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