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Friday, October 24, 2008


Jeff Mueller

Thank you Alan for this honest and thoughtful post. As a fellow brother in Christ I too have been thinking about the same points that you mentioned. Our relationship with Christ does transcend politics and most importantly no matter who is in office we need to pray for them every day.

Kyle O'Neal

Great post man! We as the church need to for SURE be asking ourself that. Good stuff. Lunch soon?

senny tamunowari

Nice write up.
Christians have to learn to hear from God, and vote for who He has chosen, not nesessarily who agrees with their doctrine or view point.Also, american churches have to deal with the race issue in their pews,otherwise the church will continue to lose out.Could it be that they could not accept that Obama is a believer because he is black?Did they allow race to make them not to recognise their brother?When the white brother is attending a white church, and has no conection to any black brother, this kind of mistake can take place. Note It can be the other way round as well. What is this black church and white church division of His body? Will that division be in heaven? I also noted that Macain's election ralies were predominantly white, while that of Obama was a real shade of colour.Obama said he is a believer, that should be enough. Even his pastor under whom he sat for years, missed his moment when his convert was to make it to the top.A number of the black leaders failed to see what God was about to do.Practically most pastors of the white churches missed it too.Why is it always like that? All boils down to hearing from God.Obama is a believer. It will be sad if the church fails to pray for him.He may not be your type of christian.The office of president can be a baptism of a sort,let's hope some christians will not be like the pharisees in Jesus time who missed the chance to be baptised by John the baptist . It is sad though that the whole world knew that Obama will be elected,how come the religious right or many bible carrying white christians missed it? Obama could not have won if majority of the white people did not vote for him. Could it be that racism is now only in the church?The credit must then go to the white majority of American populace who chose a black candidate because he was a better candidate and did not allow the colour difference to influnce them.Tt also showed that America has changed. Note majority of americans claim to be christians if only in name only.May God hear our prayer for America. There is also the issue of not knowing who Obama is. It reminds me of Ananaias discussion about Paul(then Saul), and God telling him he is a chosen vessel of his. This Obama election issue has exposed the the fact that american christians may be weak when it comes to hearing from God.The person God may want to use may not fit into your type of box, so you have to learn to listen to Him and not just stick to your own stereotypes. That is a basic lesson in the bible about who God uses, He even used a donkey.Some say they do not know which type of president he is going to be. That is an expression of fear or worse. No one knows what type of president any one president was going to be, before they were elected.It depends on the circumstances that presents itself. Who knew that Bush will take America to war.That is why we seek God's face for his choice.
Obama wrote about himself in his two latest books that should be enough to tell you about him,as well as the long campaign system.His having to beat Mrs clintin was a real indication of what a person he is.He brought a new approach to politics never known before. That shows that he was a very unique person for a unique time.

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