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Friday, March 28, 2008


Milan Ford

No. You Rock!

Robert Foster

hello and welcome, dear lady, you reveal a sound, that is resonating from within a deep, deep place, a majestic yet hidden place, comes whispering a sound! It permeates through the mist and the rain, the ice and the pain, to reveal a birthing! The rising of a dream, that was hidden behind a queen, within a princess... a sound that reveals the purest essence, as melting beautiful rays of sunshine, more glorious than even a meadow of blooming yellow lilly's, opening wide in symphonic unity, as they arise, expand, and sing joyfully to the smiling sound of the rising sun! As this sound arrives into a new spring day, whispering from within this place, releasing enduring gentle strengths, compassion's for life, tenacity of over-flowing creative abilities, that even the rain drops dancing over the falls of niagara on a winters day, hope to compare, but fall distantly short to what flows out of you, as you breathe ... thank you for being you!......your friend, robert foster,

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