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Friday, March 21, 2008



"One wonders if Sen. McCain can maintain this high standard if he ends up facing Sen. Clinton in the General Election."

Your blog was very insightful and shows true humanitarianism but the above comment leads me to believe that you don't think Obama will make it to the General Election. Please respond.

Luke Easter

John, Hillary or Barack

Well, well, well sooner or later it raises its ugly head,
This is only for the adults so send the kiddies to bed,
No longer only politics because front and center is race,
Who’s the best qualified has just become second place.

An issue that will never die is the main topic once again,
But what about the discrepancy between women and men?
Same route, education, position and decisions day after day,
The exact same job however, it’s never the exact same pay.

Oh, but this is very different, special, black against white,
What ever happened to the distinction of wrong or right?
Wasn’t that the main reason to leave England and begin?
A new land where equality is an opportunity for all men?

Notice that I didn’t mention supporting equal rights for all,
March 2008, we still have black and white shopping malls,
Then there are areas where only the Italians will fear to tread,
Some neighborhoods you walk in only to be carried out dead.

A preacher of the church of Jesus Christ says America be damned,
Isn’t that like opening peaches only to find pineapples in the can?
So, who in the heck am I to say anything, well it is only because,
Every single bible I have ever read claims the greatest gift is love.

Didn’t a guy named Paul say forget those things that are behind?
Can you reach for the future with the past foremost in your mind?
What is all this crap about being qualified to handle foreign policy?
More important is getting America straight, sure makes sense to me.

Why aren’t Geraldine and Jeremiah running their own campaign?
Because most in this great nation are fed up with the same old thing,
Republican or Democrat, whichever way you vote in this election,
Make sure it is not status quo we need an entirely new direction.

Think hard before casting your ballot for John, Hillary or Barack,
It’s only March 21 and there’s plenty of time still left on the clock,
Do not let hatred cause you to cast your vote based solely on fear,
Whosoever wins the election will be there a minimum of four years.

The wrong candidate might cause damage that we could never repair,
All because once again the wrong person is being sent to reside there,
Whomever that is represents the entire country not just the White House,
The “President of the United States,” is not a game of cat and mouse.

Poems By Luke Easter

Alan Riley

Hi Alisha, thanks for the comment. I think that there is probably a 75% chance that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. That said, if I've learned anything this political season, it's that it's not over until it's over. One year ago, everyone thought there was at least an 80% chance the two nominees would be Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton, and we see how that turned out.

If Clinton does emerge as the Democratic nominee it will be because the Superdelegates gave it to her, in which case the party is in deep, deep trouble. The millions who have been energized and even brought into the process by Obama's candidacy will be disenchanted if not just plain mad, and all of the complaining the Democrats did about the 2000 election ("the voters were disenfranchised!") will look like nothing more than political hot air.

Obama's campaign manager hit the nail on the head yesterday when he said that Clinton has "serious character issues" and would be "a flawed candidate." 53% of the electorate do not believe she is honest and trustworthy, and it's hard to win a general election with negatives like that. I'm sure the McCain camp is really hoping that she will be the nominee after comparing how Hillary's campaign has been run as opposed to how well Obama's has been.

The next few weeks should be interesting to say the least. Thanks again for your comment.

Luke, great poem! You are a talented wordsmith.

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