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Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I really did enjoy reading your article "Bless Be the Tie". It made me laugh (out loud) but in reality it spoke the truth. I too am a Baptist and I love my denomination although some things need changing. But you made my day because at those meetings if you didn't know what was going on you kept quiet nor did you ask questions. Now that I'm at the age where wisdom and knowledge finally kick in I still keep my mouth shut and pray that God will help us. But at the end God still loves us all.

Have a bless day!


The passage that you wrote on Streaming Faith, "The Difference Between Covering or Covering Up" was extremely identifiable. In fact in the relating Hebrew scripture, I find myself disobeying because of what you're writing in the passage. There are times I don't go to church because it's often not a place of love, but a place of condemnation. There are struggles that I've gone through (and still do) and actually tried admitting to what I thought were Christian people, but ends up being the wrong people, and now a part of the gossip mill ---- (and you're right, your reputation can be ruined, sometimes confessed or unconfessed). There is so much gossip, that I just want to quit the whole race called a "christian walk". Because if you can't be real with Christians, then with who can you be real with. The world, co-workers, and sometimes family will certainly eat you alive.....then who? It makes me not even want to show up to church because I know the rocks are waiting with a myriad of insults to follow. Who wants to go worship in a setting such as that! I come to the house for forgiveness and help with my sinful behavior, but I can't even relinquish myself to God's atmosphere for fear of what someone is going to say or look with disgust. I cannot be the only one who sins and falls short of His glory, but church people can sure make you feel that way and that you don't deserve the right to be sitting in the pew! To me, that attitude is nothing like Jesus. He was compassionate and stood up for worst sin situations that people were in. He came to set the captives free! While disgreeing with the sin, he defended the existence of the person, loved them and delivered them. But never a judge! He could, but He didn't. I find that's why I LOVE Him so, because He loves me so, inspite of my sins and struggles!!!!!! Thank Jesus! Where on earth can I find such a warming place that Jesus provides? For me, it's only being in prayer to Him, because I feel safe with Him, and I can trust Him to not exploit the worst of me, but draw out the best in me. Thank you for this passage.....it has brought out many tears, but also helped me to see how much Jesus is on my side even if I don't who else is! God Bless

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