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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Darryl McMillon

Thank you, brother, for this encouraging word. I have been sometimes awestruck by the expansiveness of the dream the Lord our God has placed in my heart, namely "launching a movement to get church folks to care about fatherless, visionless, hopeless (low levels of hope that is) and aimless youth to awaken to righteousness and purpose through mentoring and role modeling efforts of local churches and community organizations"

I am doing this work locally in the Oakland/Richmond CA area, but I have been carrying this burden for a national movement to get God's sleeping giant to awaken to our calling to "pure religeon - undefiled before God.. helping the widows (single mothers?) and fatherless...

God bless you sir. Please reply.

Darryl McMillon

Barry Hudson

I am so inspired when my passion of, "ONE LOVE" is enhanced in any form. I'm a 46 year old white male that grew up during the sixties and seventies. During that time the tern segregation should have been replaced with the term and essence of unity. Being a proud member of God's Hall of Fame, I have struggled within which had me in trouble with drugs and ultimately... prison. But I praise and give glory to God for allowing me the opportunity to experience all of that turbulence. I stand strongly on the great divine message that Dr. Martin Luther King that graced our ignorant society with so many years ago. Today, as he predicted, the message not only lives vibrantly, but becomes more radiant as each generation moves up the ladder. Please click on my link and read what God has put in my path. I'm so excited and I'm back in school learning Information Systems in order to better share my message in today's network oriented technology. Living in LOVE with all my brothers and sisters is mega-bliss and gives glory to our KING JESUS! Hope you enjoyed and may God bless your every precious fiber. Check out my little page: http://bahud.spaces.live.com/default.aspx

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