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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Randy Elster

Welcome back to the "real world," Alan! I wondered if you had fallen off the edge of the earth! Working from home yesterday, we lost phone/Internet in our neighborhood for a few hours and I found myself pacing the floor wondering what to do. Sick, I know. Glad nothing was lost and you're getting back to normal!

Suzan Smith

I receive email from Streaming Faith Daily Devotionals and decided to visit your site.....
I was laughing out loud at (sorry) the temporary demise of your PC....but it was the Crackberry that really made me laugh....

My husband and his brother call the game Everquest, "EverCrack"...but I had not heard anyone call the blackberry a crackberry before....

I do not own one.....just an ordinary cell phone.

Thanks for the laugh !

To quote Carlos Mencia, "If you're not laughin', you're not livin'"

College Station TX
FredHead - voting for Romney now that Fred's out.

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