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Saturday, December 08, 2007



That happens to be one of my favorites as well. :-)

Tracy Reed

Rev Riley,

I received confirmation on a blessing in the form of a lesson on love from your "Raising Unbiased Kids in a Bigoted World" message. In yesterdays Master Life study on the "Disciples Cross" (by Avery T. Willis) I had to present my cross as an example of how I would am to witness. One key component of the Cross is "Fellowship" with reference to John 13:34-35, which calls us to love.

Less than 2 hours later my wife had to hold me accountable to the repeated references that were made of people based on color of skin. My heart sank and I embrace my sin by praying for repentence because this is not the message I want to communicate for God. I too am greatful to have family and loved ones with varying degrees of skin pigmentation as well as parents that would use behavior correction methods to insure I'd continue to appreciate this diversity ... "give me the good ole' whippins".

Thank you for being used to do God's will.


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