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Monday, December 24, 2007


Cheryl Adams

I too asked my mom about this same tradition voiced between her mother and aunts. A couple of years ago I wrote my own "Christmas Eve Gift" story I would like to share with you. If you would like to read it please let me know e-mail address I can send it to you.

Bonnie Hawkins

Cheryl, would love to have a copy of your "Christmas Eve Gift" story as this was a tradition within my family members, especially great grandmother and my uncles, all of whom are now deceased and no one thought to ask why this salutation. Know the great grandmother came to Texas with her family from Mississippi when she was a very young girl. As they came in covered wagons I am sure the gift of themselves was probably about all they had to give or could transport. I make and sell, along with a poem, what is called a "Prairie Pew Baby" which I am sure for many little girls was the nearest they probably came to receiving a doll at Christmas time. I appreciate the posting at this site and your comments as well.


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Baker Couler

would love to hear your story about the christmas eve gift saying
My name is Baker


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I absolutely LOVE that you posted this story! I am in my 60's and I remember coming to AL to visit my grandparents and always on Christmas Eve morning my Pa would say "Christmas Eve Gift". I never knew what it meant but what a joyous meaning you have indicated! Indeed, we had many, many family members present, food, singing carols and laughter...like you, there were presents - but it is the joy of family that has stayed in my memory. So glad this tradition is shared by others!!! May we continue to spread this happy tradition along!!!

Wanda Eubanks

sure would like to send this to my facebook family


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