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Tuesday, November 06, 2007



This was posted to my e-mail through Streaming Faith. Praise the Lord for technology. I live in Malaysia where, even though we are far from you, Rev. Riley, I can "feel" the fellowship that we have in the Body of Christ. We don't have many Christian centres like you do in the US and our church is working at building a retreat centre in a place which we nick-named River Jordan 'cos many people had been baptized there. I really love reading your blogs. Keep it up!


thank you. i needed to read this today.


I was reading the daily devotional from Streaming Faith...and somehow i kept clicking on some links and got here to reading this. It truly caught my attention. Yes, I have read Philipians chapters a couple of times, but today it definitely shed a new light to that. Just wanted to let you know that I was touched...its truly such a blessing what media and technology can do for us today !!!! I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and I get a word of wisdom, meeting me at the point of my level of need, expectation and desire right here in my home....I thank God for technology and people like you who share God's heart online....God bless you. Please let the river of God's words keep flowing.


Thank you so much for this entry. I needed this word right now, God is faithful. Continue to let God use you - you are truely a blessing.


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