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Friday, October 19, 2007



enough proof to show that there are and can be idiot-scientists ;portals of learning should accept the limits of science and technology.


Good job misquoting James Watson and taking him out of context. No record even exists of him making the "black employees" comment that I have seen. The rest is all out of context. He was discussing melanocyte hormones and made a joke something along the lines of "this pigment makes people horny" (a true statement) followed by the joke "maybe that's why you have Latin Lovers but only English Patients."

He was simply joking during an otherwise boring lecture. Stop being so PC, thought police.

Alan Riley


Thanks for your comment. You are wrong both in your facts and your conclusions. If, as you say, I quoted Watson out of context, why did he not bother to explain that in his "apology," or in his subsequent resignation? The comments that you say no record exists of were made - as was the assertion that black people are "less intelligent" - in an interview with the London Sunday Times published on Oct 14.

(See for yourself: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article2677098.ece)

If Watson was merely "joking" as you assert, the board at Cold Spring Harbor made no effort to explain those extenuating circumstances when they repudiated his remarks on October 17 or when they suspended him from his duties as Chancellor on the following day. Nice try, but he was not "taken out of context" or bringing levity to a boring lecture. The remarks that got him repudiated and ultimately removed from the research facility he founded were made in a one-on-one interview and were very clear and consise in their context.

I am not the thought police. I have no way to enforce my will on anyone, nor would I want to. I do have a right to my opinion, and that opinion is and remains that Watson is a brilliant scientist who holds stupid, bigoted views about black people.


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