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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


terris riley

I was once in Barack Obama's favor at one time. In light of his recent views, I am not so certain that of whether I will remain with him. In my opinion, I believe it boils down to this: choosing the lesser of two evils. It appears that Obama may be 'bending' in his true beliefs for the sake of votes. I believe that being gay is a choice and that people are not 'born' that way. I do not hate gay people--neither does God hate gay people. He loves gays just as much as he loves a murderer or a thief. What God hates is the sin--not the sinner. The thing that is so interesting to me is that the leaders of our nation refuse to take a stand--for fear of ridicule. It doesn't matter what color you are--sin is sin. Who, in our nation, will take a stand without bending their beliefs? Will the church take a stand? The bible tells us that we have to love each other--but we don't have to love and condone each other's sin. Occassionally, I get caught up in a "good gossip" conversation. That would make me a "gossiper". Sometimes I don't like to submit to my husband--which I am required by God to do. Does this mean God does not love me? No, God still loves me, He does not love what I am doing. If I'm going to please God--I must decide once and for all that I will not gossip any more and that I will do it for GOD and GOD alone--not to please man. If I am going to please God, I must take a stand and be willing to deal with the consequences of my decision. It really hurts to see public Christian figures who bend for the sake of man's approval. Does the presidency mean that much to him--that He would knowingly defy the desires and principles of God--just to advance himself in a world that will soon pass away?
This is just my two-cents worth!

ms playwrite

There is a place and a time for everything under the sun. I believe the time for declaration is now. In a time when everything and everybody are so wishy-washy, not one way nor the other. We are instructed to hate sin, and love one another, where right now neither seems to be noticable by man's standards...because our standards have dropped to an ultimate low, especially within the Christian community, to a point of almost being discussting. Homosexuality is a sinful nature, we all know that of coarse, that's not even the question, the problem is that no one wants to be the one to address it...like having a big living and breathing elephant in the room and nobody says a word. Homosexuality is running ramped in our churches and no one wants to offend anybody, but the Bible says that our life will be an offense to those who oppose Jesus the living Christ, so as a Christian to me there doesn't seem to be an option...just use the way of love, like Jesus did for you in your ignorance of sin, Amen!

I agree with ms. two cents

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