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Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Wow, it's really hard for me to hear that you feel this way about the potter books. Yes, I understand that the stories tell of family and relationship but it still remains that it is about witchcraft. I personally believe that that is one of the enemies biggest tricks against the church, is that he mixes truth with lies. I would never judge the writer of Harry Potter becuase, the same measure that you Judge it will be used on you. Also she hasn't professed to my knowledge and I could be wrong, to be a christian so what she does is her business because she is not of the Faith as yet. I don't allow the books in my home, and I will not allow my family to watch it because the spirit of witchcraft is being loosed on those who see it. The bible says that you must gaurd your eye and ear gates. Filter every thing with the word.

That's my personal opinion. Thanks for letting me share.


Hi Sara,

Thanks so much for the comments! I certainly respect your viewpoint. In fact, a lot of my friends agree with you and we have very lively discussions - and we still love each other! I read an interesting article this week about JK Rowling telling a news conference that the Potter books were indeed Christian allegories, which puts them in the same league as other allegories like "Narnia," "Lord of the Rings" and "Pilgrim's Progress." Here's a link to the article:


Thanks again for the comment!

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